Mark Licata

Mark Licata

Mark brings 35+ years of legal, financial and operational experience in the restaurant/ hospitality industry to 3Square.

Mark began his career as an attorney with Reynolds, Allen & Cook in Houston in 1976 after graduation from the University of Texas Law School. Reynolds, Allen & Cook was a mid-sized law firm in Houston, Texas. Mark became a partner in 1980 and was placed in charge of the firm’s corporate practice in 1982.

Mark began his involvement in the restaurant/hospitality industry in 1985 when he left the practice of law to become President of Vista Host, Inc. Vista Host is a privately held company in the hotel development and management business with over 30 properties in 16 states. While with Vista Host, Mark was responsible for all development and administrative functions and participated in the development and construction of 11 hotels, 18 restaurants, including the $30 million Kansas City Marriott Hotel. In 1987, Mark was asked to join the management team as President and Chief Operating Officer of McFaddin Ventures, Inc. McFaddin Ventures was a publicly held company that operated 52 entertainment clubs in the United States. While at McFaddin Ventures, Mark was responsible for the company’s restructuring efforts, including the reduction of corporate overhead, sale of unprofitable operations and restructuring of the company’s senior and subordinated debt.

In 1989, Mark joined Looper, Reed & McGraw, a mid-sized law firm in Houston, Texas in an of counsel position. Again, Mark practice focused on the restaurant/ hospitality industry, with particular emphasis on expansion efforts of a number of restaurant operators in the Houston market, including, Ninfa’s, Atchafalaya River Café, Sam’s and Sam’s Boat.

In 1991, Mark, with a partner, acquired Goldking Oil & Gas Corp., a diversified oil and gas company. In 1995, Mark became President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldking Oil & Gas. In addition, Mark served as President and CEO of Goldking Realty Corp., a subsidiary of Goldking Oil and Gas. In 1997 Goldking Oil & Gas was sold to Panaco, Inc. and Goldking Realty was retained by the Mark and his partner. Subsequent to the acquisition by Panaco, Mark served as Vice President, General Counsel and Director of Panaco until 1998 and continues to serve as President and CEO of Goldking Realty.

In 2006, Mark moved to Boulder, Colorado and joined the law firm of Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti, in an of counsel position, with a primary focus on real estate, corporate and transactional matters.