Cart Driver in Denver, Colorado

Cart Driver

Date :
20th August, Sunday 2017

Cart Driver is a new and exciting concept located in the hot RiNo area of downtown Denver. The Cart Driver concept has its roots in the truck stops and Autogrill culture of the Italian Autostrada. Autogrill comes from a long tradition of Italian street food, prominent in Southern Italian. The Italian word “Carrettiera” is literally translated to “Cart-Driver,” and makes references to the men and women who would prepare and sell simple dishes to hungry travelers en route to their destinations. These are the roots of “cucina povera,” or the peasant food tradition of Italy. Not only can travelers pick up a very simple, healthy, and readily available pasta or pizza made from local ingredients, but they could get the story of what had transpired the previous day, and what to expect from the afternoon’s weather. It is this piece of culture, the bountiful piazza in restaurant form, that Cart-Driver aims to bring to its first location at 25th and Larimer in the RiNo district of Denver.

Cart Driver is located in the Gravitas container development at 25th and Larimer in downtown Denver and specifically in a 640 square foot space consisting of two adjoining shipping containers. In this unique setting our partner Andrew Birkholz, who has been a long-time pizzaiolo and wood fired cooking practitioner, has broadened the scope of wood fire cooking by creating comfort-casual food on-the-spot, including everything from wood fired pizzas and pasta, to oysters, and crudo and cured meats.

3Square principals are majority owner of Cart Driver along with our operating partner, Andrew Birkholz.