Akashi & Las Palomas

Date :
5th October, Thursday 2017

Noticing a dramatic shift in retail uses, from traditional merchants to more service oriented uses, such as restaurants, the principals of 3Square developed a 32,000-square foot retail center in NE Houston which would accommodate 4-5 complimentary restaurant tenants. Due to lot restrictions, which would have
normally necessitated a traditional L-Shaped retail building, 3Square instead created two buildings with
four “end cap” spaces and a landscaped, lighted courtyard in between the two buildings. All of the end
cap spaces were leased to restaurant operators. One of the two end cap spaces was quickly leased to
Akashi, an Asian fusion, sushi restaurant with 7 locations (www.akashi.com). 3Square worked closely
with Akashi in the design and buildout of their $1.0million space, creating a unique and architecturally
interesting restaurant and patio space, which opened in the spring of 2017.

3Square leased one of the other end cap spaces to Las Palomas, a family owned Mexican restaurant,
with 2 locations (www.laspalomasmexicanrest.com). 3Square worked closely with Las Palomas, as well,
in the design of their contemporary themed Mexican restaurant, which opened in the fall of 2017.